Engagement (services)

Description of ConnectFarm deliveries step by step.

Production Environments


Production environment is defined by a set of qualitative factors responsible for crop productivity in a fraction of the area;
Based on several layers of satellite images and harvest maps, production environments are defined.


Through the production environments, we started to direct the soil samplings;
Knowing the environments, it is possible to direct specific and assertive actions, such as the choice of genetics, crop management, chemical management, etc;
“Environment of Production” is a qualitative analysis of the stand;

Fertility Maps


Stratified diagnoses from 0 -15 and 15 to 20cm in depth of macro and micro nutrients performed by production environments in a standardized way.

Penetration Resistance


Based on the management environments, the resistance that the soil offers to penetration is measured through an automated penetrometer.


Make an intervention decision that improves soil water storage and root development.

Environmental Management Index


Most important index of ConnectFARM deliveries. The IGA is the index that defines all recommendations and prescriptions for the field and the farm as a whole. It is the sum of all soil diagnoses, which serve to define fertility management, recommendation of hybrids and varieties, chemical management and cover management.

Fertilizer Prescription


From the soil nutrient diagnostic maps, recommendations for corrections and maintenance of fertility by production environments generated based on the IGA are interpreted and generated.

Crop Rotation Prescription


O IGA possibilita gerar uma recomendação de manejo de culturas, visando melhorar ainda mais os potenciais dos ambientes de produção através da ROTAÇÃO DE CULTURAS.

Positioning of cultivars and hybrids

Recommendation of soybean varieties and corn hybrids based on the IGA (potential) of each environment.

Seed prescription (corn and soybeans)

Based on the IGA, seed prescriptions at varying rates for corn and soybeans are created.

Chemical management prescription

Based on the IGA, on the genetics prescribed for each environment, it generates the recommendation and positioning of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.

Calculation of water use efficiency

Based on the field's rainfall and productivity, it is calculated how many kg of soybean/corn was produced per mm precipitated.
*This delivery depends on the farmer sharing the information with ConnectFarm

Profitability map

Based on each money invested in the plot, a profitability map for each plot and farm is constructed.
*This delivery depends on the farmer sharing the information with ConnectFarm